My formal training was in nursing.  I enjoyed working in Labor and Delivery and NICU. I spent a couple of years working as an office nurse but missed the excitement in the hospital setting.

In approximately 1987, while living in Vermont, I met a professional artist who inspired me to pick up a brush and work with watercolor. It didn’t take long before I was hooked.

Recently (2017) I’ve taken an interest in Plein Air painting and have been watching many videos on technique.  Because I am a self taught artists, I feel at a disadvantage painting plein air. However, this will not stop me from giving it a try.

I love color, time worn articles and architecture, striking photographs, beautiful gardens, landscapes and anything else visually stimulating. For a couple of glorious years, we lived in Burlington, Vermont. We were surrounded by beautiful landscapes, colorful seasons and memorable old buildings. The culture and antique shop windows inspired me to dabble in watercolor and oil. I enjoy learning the characteristics of an object such as wood, glass, rusted metal etc. Depending on size, subject and complexity, a painting may take from one to two months to complete. I hope through my work, one can recognize the beautiful everyday visuals often missed.

artroom1_600Our family has lived and traveled extensively in the United States and my paintings reflect my travels. We moved to Arizona permanently in 1994.

I have two areas in my house I work in.  A corner in the family room is set up for watercolor, then I have the Arizona room for everything else.

Thank you for stopping by!